About Buttsy

I was born and reared in Baltimore, Maryland. I am an Episcopal priest [retired] and while known as “Father” to my parishioners, I am just plain “Dad” to my sons, Jonathan and Geoffrey, and “Gramdaddy” to my grandson, Ryan. As a teacher for many years on several college campuses, I have engaged my students in the finer points of philosophy, logic, ethics, and world religions. I have also taught English grammar, voice, diction, and speech. My interest in philately began over forty years ago, following a visit to the United Kingdom where I was greatly impressed with the postage stamps of Great Britain. In addition to an extensive stamp collection, I have an enviable video and music library. I am a man of many and varied interests, and am currently researching a book entitled, “The Reel Monarchy: The British Monarchy Portrayed in Film.” Other projects still in progress are in the popular music genre with the working titles: “Moments to Remember: The Music of “the In-between Era” [1945-1955],” Over There and Over Here: The Music of World War Two,” and “Glenn Miller as Sideman and as Leader: On and Off the Record [1928-1942].” My wife Lois and I lived at Down Ampney, our home for almost forty years, so named after the Gloucestershire birthplace of my favorite composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams [1872-1958]. Another reason for choosing the name is because Down Ampney was notable in medieval times as one of the principal seats of the powerful Hungerford family and a number of elaborate family monuments survive in the village church. Coincidentally, Hungerford is a family name associated with my wife, Lois. We currently reside at a retirement community in Pennsylvania.


3 responses to “About Buttsy

  1. Sally McClintock

    Very nice Blog.

  2. Sherry

    this is a great blog! I will enjoy checking in from time to time. It makes me still feel connected…I miss you and Lois so much! Love you!
    Thanks for sharing this site.

  3. doc

    Beautiful. Love your site. Keep up the good work.

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